DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

How To Paint Pinecones To Look Like They Are Covered In Snow

We are making snow covered pinecones with some of the pinecones we found on our summer hikes up in Maine. My family thought it was hilarious that I would bring bags with me specifically to pick up pinecones along the way.…

Christmas Cookie Cocktail

How To Make A Christmas Cookie Cocktail

This recipe for a Christmas cookie cocktail came together the other evening when we ran out of whiskey for our Honey Bourbon Hot Toddies.  We found a few different variations online of different recipes using similar ingredients and settled on this.  You will want to keep these ingredients on hand because they are absolutely delicious.…

Bloody Halloween Cupcakes

How To Make Bloody Halloween Cupcakes

Bloody Halloween cupcakes are a super easy Halloween party dessert.  You can create these spooky Halloween cupcakes with just a few ingredients. 

You can make the cupcakes from scratch, from a box or just purchase pre-made cupcakes from the grocery store or bakery and add the Halloween “bloody” part yourself. …

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Bat Garland Decoration

Another quick and easy DIY Dollar Tree Halloween decorations.  We turned these felt bats into a fun garland for Halloween.  If you don’t have a sewing machine you can glue them spaced out on a long strand of ribbon. Another alternative to sewing them together would be to punch holes on the tips of each of the wings and connect the bats together using short strands of ribbon in between the bats.…