Snowflake DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Designer Look For Less – DIY Snowflake Ornaments

Our Snowflake DIY Christmas Ornaments look just like this set from Pottery Barn, but we made them for a whole lot less. You only need a couple supplies to turn clear plastic craft ornaments into these elegant gold snowflake ornaments. 

diy christmas ornaments pottery barn snowflake

In the photo above, the photo on the left are the Pottery Barn snowflake ornaments that sell for $34 for a set of 4.  Our DIY version is on the right using a metallic gold paint pen and a little spray paint. Here’s what you’ll need. 

  • Clear Christmas bulbs – The Pottery Barn ones are glass, but I have kids and a dog ya’ll so plastic it is for us.
  • Gold Metallic Paint Pen – I used a fine line gold metallic paint pen I found at Walmart, but the craft stores will have them too. 
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Coordinating Ribbon or Bakers twine 

diy christmas ornaments pottery barn snowflake

Start by removing the lids from all of your clear ornaments. 

Place the lids on some cardboard or drop cloth and spray them with your gold spray paint. 

diy christmas ornaments potterybarn snowflake

Let the gold spray paint dry.  Hit them again with a second thin coat if you missed any spots the first time. 

Use your metallic paint pen and draw on your snowflakes. I just freehanded them.  I tried using a tiny piece of cardboard as a guide so all the lines would be perfect but then the cardboard was smudging the lines. So freehand it was. 

Once they are dry, pop back on the lids you spray painted and add some coordinating ribbon or baker’s twine.  

diy christmas ornaments potterybarn snowflake

diy christmas ornaments potterybarn snowflake       

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