DIY Paper Dahlia Flower

How To Make A Paper Dahlia Flower

This tutorial walks you through the steps to create beautiful oversized DIY paper dahlia flowers.  You can use these as decorations for a special event like a wedding, baby or bridal shower or a birthday party.  You can use them as a photo backdrop for a selfie station or photo booth at a special event. …

DIY Chalk Paint

How To Make DIY Chalk Paint At Home

This is a favorite at our house.  DIY chalk paint… the easy way.  We usually have a stash of chalk around the garage to use,  but if not we usually get a big assorted pack from somewhere like Michaels, Target or Walmart.

With the exception of the chalk, the rest of these things were picked up from the dollar store if we didn’t have them around the house.…

DIY Candy Bracelets

How To Make A Jelly Bean Bracelet Or Necklace

These fun jelly bean candy bracelets only require a few supplies and probably take longer to eat than the do to make 🙂 I recommend that an adult do the threading of the jellybeans since they are a little tricky to pierce through with the needle, but my little helper loved helping out with the colors. …

DIY Paper Plate Dream Catcher

How To Make A Paper Plate Dream Catcher

This paper plate dream catcher craft is a simple project for kids using things you probably have around your house. My daughter requested we make these dream catchers for her room. 

With all that’s been going on lately she’s been having a difficult getting to sleep. …