Simple DIY Macrame Feathers

How To Make Macrame Feathers

These simple DIY macrame feathers only require a few supplies that you can find online or at your local craft store.  They are a great macrame project for beginners like moi 😉 I’ve seen these around and wanted to try my hand at them.

You can scale them to all different sizes to use them for projects like keychains, home decor items and even jewelry.…

DIY Christmas Village Wreath

How To Make A Christmas Village Wreath

I found these adorable mini village houses in the dollar spot section of Target and couldn’t wait to get them home for a project. After finishing up a tutorial on how to flock a Christmas wreath using white paint, I found my perfect canvas for these little guys.…

DIY RBG Collar Face Mask

DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lace Collar Face Mask

We made these lace collar face masks to honor Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG, and all the amazing things she stood for and fought for.  Her passion for standing up and fighting for what she believed in is something we can’t forget, especially now.…

DIY Pinecone Flowers

How To Make Pinecone Flowers

Learn how to create these easy DIY pinecone flowers to add to your fall and winter decor.  All you need is a few supplies most of which you can probably find around your house.  We found these gorgeous pinecones on a hike this summer.

What You’ll Need For DIY Pinecone Flowers

How To Cut The Pinecones Flowers

Using your pruning shears, snip the pinecone in half. …