Moscow Mules – Our Favorite Ginger Beer Mixer

Sunshine, summer breeze, chilly Moscow Mules …. YES. PLEASE.  We tested out five different ginger beers to find our favorite mixer for your perfect summertime Moscow Mule.

What is the best ginger beer to use for Moscow Mules

We’d like to introduce tonight’s ginger beer contenders…. Fever-Tree, Fever-Tree Light, Q, Bottoms Up, and Trader Joe’s Brand.  And yes there was a rose ceremony by the end of the evening.

What is the best ginger bear to use for Moscow Mules

Since we are such good little scientists, the four of us kept the rest of the recipe the same while testing each finished drink, multiple times 🙂 Each drink was prepared in copper mugs using Tito’s (our vodka of choice), fresh lime juice and a few ice cubes.

And the winner is……………………… Fever Tree Ginger Beer (original)

What Is The Best Ginger Beer To Use For Moscow Mule

The Q was a definite runner-up.  It had a little more bite then the other ones without an overpowering gingery flavor like the Bottoms Up brand.  The Fever Tree Light had a bit of an aftertaste and we felt like the Trader Joe’s brand was a little too bland.

Moscow Mule Recipe
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz. vodka (we used Tito’s)
4-6 oz. ginger beer

Make sure that both the vodka and ginger beer have been chilled for a few hours prior to serving.  You can place the vodka in your freezer (not the ginger beer)
Put 1/2 oz of fresh lime juice in each copper mug
Add a few ice cubes, then pour in vodka and fill with ginger beer
Stir and serve 🙂