Wintertime Beauty Hack For Dry Hands

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Use Your Dish Time To Hydrate Your Hands

Winter, or anytime of the year, dry hands beware.  Try this simple trick before you take on that pile of dishes and your hands will thank you.  Ya’ll I’m guilty at not making myself a priority.  With 18 children (ok 3 but they feel like 18 sometimes) I try to find little ways to do something for myself and if I can multitask with something on my not as fun to do list, even better. Last time I went for a manicure, the manicurist told me to always wear dish gloves when doing the dishes. He said that the dish soap was pretty harsh on your hands, who knew?! He told me about this little trick to give your hands a moisture treatment while you’re washing all those dishes.  So simple right?

So pick up a pair of dish gloves and a tub of Vaseline …. get your mind out of the gutter… yes i’m talking to you there. hehehe.

Take about a quarter size dollop of vaseline and rub it into your hands.  Pop on your dish gloves and start working on those dishes.

The Vaseline really helps to hydrate your hands while you work.  I was worried that the Vaseline would goop up the gloves, but it really all soaks into your skin.

When you’re done with the dishes, you’re hands are super hydrated.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t dread dish duty quite as much with this simple home remedy for dry hands.

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