Youth Sports – Gear for the Cheering Section

I know that we are not the only crazy family out there that will spend a minimum of 18,000 hours sitting on the sidelines of some sort of field this season.  Here are a few things that we’ve found that might make those doubleheaders, soccer tournaments, football games, track meets, lacrosse games, insert your child’s sport if I forgot it right here …. a little less crazy and a little more comfortable.

This utility cart has been a lifesaver.  If you’re bringing a lot of little fans to the field you can carry them and all of the rest of your provisions and gear with ease. 

Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon 

We’ve owned a bunch of different folding chairs and this one has been our favorite so far.  The Kelsyus Canopy Chair has an umbrella top that doubles as it’s carrying case.  It’s not too heavy and very comfortable.

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

If ya’ll are parking your seats on bleachers for any amount of time this season, I would definitely invest in one of these stadium chairs.  They fold up and provide some cushion and back support.

Fall Sports - Gear for the Sidelines

Stadium Chair

There are even some fancy ones that look like they have extra padding and offer different reclining positions.  Oh la la 😉

Reclining Stadium Chair

If you live a bit north, then you know that those fall nights and early fall mornings can be quite chilly.  These blankets have some serious heat-trapping fleece on one side and a water-resistant or waterproof/windproof backing.

Fall Sports Gear - From Tailgating to Youth Soccer Sidelines

Water Resistant Fleece Stadium Blanket

Mambe Extreme Weather Blanket
Mambe Extreme Weather Stadium Blanket 100% Waterproof/Windproof – This one is a bit pricier than its competitors, but the backing is thick and durable and the fleece front is thicker.  It is a little smaller in size but works perfectly to keep a couple people in the bleachers warm.

We found a similar blanket at LL Bean. It is also fleece-lined, machine washable and waterproof. 

Water-Resistant Fleece Stadium Blanket
LL Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket – We also purchased this blanket option.  We put it to the test this weekend on the muddy soccer field.  We placed it down on the wet grass and sat down on top of the fleece.  It worked great!

I don’t know if ya’ll have ever had the joy of smelling sweaty wet cleats after your child has been running around the field for a couple of hours.  If you have shared in this experience with me, you will agree that it is not a pleasant smell.  We recently purchased these electric boot and shoe dryers to throw their running shoes or cleats to dry.

Fall Sports Gear for the Cheering Section - From Tailgating to Youth Sports Side

Boot and Shoe Dryer 

These are our favorite water bottles right now.  They are stainless steel, affordable and available in multiple colors and multiple sizes.  The smaller ones are perfect for school and younger athletes or spectators and the larger ones definitely help keep my older kiddos hydrated during their games.

Our Favorite Items for Surviving Youth Sports

TAKEYA 18oz Water Bottles

TAKEYA 24oz Water Bottles

TAKEYA 32oz Water Bottles

TAKEYA 40oz Water Bottles

TAKEYA 64oz Water Bottles

Rain or shine.  We prefer shine, but ya’ll know that a lot of these games go on regardless of the elements.  This Sport-brella Umbrella has a 9ft canopy to protect you from the elements while cheering on your kiddos.

Everything You Need to Survive Youth Fall Sports

There is a slightly smaller version available as well here

This is one of my favorite purchases this season, a gameday uniform organizer.  Our boys both have a home uniform, an away uniform, and a warm-up jersey that they are required to bring to each game. For years we have spent the mornings tearing up the house looking for some missing piece of one of their uniforms.  This bag keeps everything together and organized.  Once their uniforms have been washed we file them right back into the bag so there’s no last-minute crazy search for a missing sock or jersey.

Our Favorite Gear To Help You Survive Youth Fall Sports

Kit-Keepers Uniform Organizer Bag

Good luck to you AND your cuties this season!

Go team!!!