Fall Fashion For Tween And Teen Boys

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Back To School Fall Fashion Ideas For Boys

Shopping for teen and tween boys can be less than easy.  Our two teen boys have very different styles.  One loves the preppy look while the other one prefers the more athletic, casual look.  We have some tween and teen fashion ideas for boys. Try to buy pieces that will work together and mix and match well.  Keep it simple and make sure it’s something that they feel comfortable in.  If they don’t like button downs, look for long sleeved thermal shirts in different colors.  We love the long sleeved shirts with cuffs for the boys because they can easily push up the cuffs of the sleeves and they stay up.

1. Abercrombie Preppy Shirt
2. Abercrombie Lightweight Hoodie
3. Old Navy T-shirts – Plain solid t-shirts are perfect for under patterned shirts or on their own
4.Abercrombie Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie
5. Arcade Belt – These are the best belts.  The boys have a few and so does my husband, my brother, my brother-in-law, my…. They easily clip and stay put.
6. Adidas Skate Shoes – If your son wants a more trendy shoe, these have held up great
7. Abercrombie Long Sleeved Blue Plaid Preppy Shirt
8. Stretch Slim Fit Polo
9. Abercrombie Classic Fit Jeans – We’ve tried a lot of jeans on these kiddos and these have been their favorites for a few years now.  They often go on sale so keep an eye out online for a deal then stock up.
10. REI Convertible Pants  – We bought these pants before our trip out to California and both boys LOVE them.  They are super lightweight and have adjustable waistbands.  They also zip off at the knee to become shorts.
11. Asics Running Shoes – We usually try to get a good running/athletic shoe as a staple for the boys.  If the budget allows, we’ll add a second pair of trendy shoes but if you try to find a running shoe that will work with the rest of his wardrobe you just might be able to get away with one pair … until he grows out of them that is 😉
12.O’Neill Reserve Boys Hybrid Shorts – Our boys have these in multiple different colors.  They are lightweight and work really well with the arcade belts listed above.  They are dressy enough to wear with button downs and polos, but perfect with t-shirts too.

Casual Teen & Tween Boy Looks

teen boy fashion
1. Vans Shirt  or Vans White T-shirt – Have a few logo t-shirts on hand that they can add a solid color long sleeved shirt under during cooler months.  This extends that portion of their wardrobe all season.  They can also pop on a sweatshirt over top of those tees.
2. Black Tie Dye Socks – We have also tie dyed our own crew socks.  We picked up a pack of crew socks from Walmart and tie dyed them ourselves.  Those are always the first ones the boys grab to wear when they are clean 😉
3. Walmart Hanes Hooded SweatshirtMens Sizes We own at least 3 of the Hanes hooded sweatshirts from Walmart.  They are less $10 each and perfect to throw in their gym locker, wear to practice, or wear over a classic t-shirt to school.
4. Adidas Sweatshirt 
5. Under Armour Training Pants
6. Adidas Training Pants – The boys wear these pants literally all year long.  They wear them for soccer practice, as pajamas, and to school with tshirt and hoodie.  You can also find them in stores and Dick’s Sporting Goods.
7. Hollister Tie Dye Hoodie
8. Quicksilver T-shirt
9. Vans Checkerboard Socks Patterned socks are also a staple in our house.  The boys absolutely love showing off their funky socks.
10. Nike Running Shoes – Again, a good athletic shoe is a must with active boys 🙂
11. Hurley T-shirt
12. Burton Long Sleeved T-shirt

Good luck shopping for your little or not-so-little man this fall!

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