How To Display Children’s Artwork

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If y’all are anything like our family, you have more artwork than you have space on your fridge. We recently added these clipboards to our playroom wall to display all of the kids’ works of art… well a fraction of it at least.  😉 This is an easy and affordable way to display your kids’ artwork.

How to Display Your Kids' Artwork In Your Home

We purchased a pack of 12 clipboards on Amazon for around $23.  There is also a pack of 6 clipboards for around $15.

I attached them to the wall using the Command picture hanging strips.  I used two small strips on each clipboard to keep it straight since we would be clipping and unclipping a bunch.

We also have one of these giant art folders.  Our favorite projects get filed in here for safe keeping.  Some of the others take a post bedtime trip to the bottom of the recycling bin.

At some point I’d love to take pictures of all of their masterpieces in the folder and create a photo book of each child’s artwork.  It’s on the list 🙂

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