Grocery Store Flowers

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How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

I have a couple tricks to turn your grocery store flowers into a beautiful arrangement. In honor of Miley’s latest song which is played on repeat over here, I bought myself some pretty flowers.  You can easily create gorgeous arrangements for your home, hostess gifts, birthdays whatever the occasion using a few bundles of flowers from the grocery store.

grocery store flowers

When choosing your flowers try to think of things in 3’s or odd numbers. This rule applies to a lot of things in decorating.  Make sure they colors work well together. They don’t have to match by any means, but they should all compliment each other. You could also go for a more monochrome look but use different flowers to show different textures.

I’m constantly grabbing bundles of flowers and placing them next to each other at the store and switching them out seeing which ones might work best together.

Choose a vase or container that is the correct size for your arrangement.  A wider opening will give you a lot more room to play with.

grocery store flowers

Cutting your flowers can get a little messy.  Or maybe that’s just me ;). I like to slice open the plastic bags that the flowers come in and use them as a drop cloth for all the cuttings. When you’re done you just roll up the plastic and toss.

Trim any leaves below your water line.  Trimming excess leaves will also help to keep your blooms hydrated longer. Speaking of keeping your flowers looking perky longer, if you are using hydrangeas and the start to wilt check out out tips on how to keep reviving wilted hydrangeas.

I found this wide glass container at Walmart that works really well for arrangements.

My favorite trick when arranging grocery store flowers or backyard cuttings is to use clear store flowers

Make a small grid pattern on the top of your vase opening.  This will help to keep the flowers where you want them while arranging.

grocery store flower arrangement

It stays put and can’t be seen once your flowers are in.

grocery store flowers

Make sure you cut each at an angle with sharp sheers.  I tried cutting my ranunculus with dull sheers and it crushed the stem.

Continue filing in your flowers, scattering them throughout your arrangement.  If you have more greenery add that to the outer edge of the grid in a few spots around the vase.

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