Vintage Christmas Ceramic Trees

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Vintage Tabletop Ceramic Trees

Like holiday traditions, there are a few holiday decorations that withstand the test of time. My childhood Christmas memories always include my grandmother’s illuminated green ceramic Christmas tree.  In the 60s and 70s these ceramic trees became extremely popular.

Most of the trees, like my grandmother’s from that time, were painted by hand.  Local ceramic shops sold the trees unpainted and people would host parties and paint them.  A single bulb at the base of the tree lit all of the individual Christmas bulbs. Each of the colorful light bulbs were removable. This was my favorite part. My grandmother’s sweet tree is now proudly displayed at my mother’s house during the holidays and continues to bring a smile to my face.

Where To Find Vintage Ceramic Trees Today

There are a bunch of different versions available on Amazon as well. We liked the 15″ Best Choice Brand Ceramic Tree

Today these vintage ceramic Christmas trees are just as popular. Target’s 12″  Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Ceramic LED Christmas Tree 

You can find them in varying shades of green, white and pink online and in many different brick and mortar retailers. With so many different sizes and versions to choose from, the most difficult part is choosing which one!

If you happen to spot one at a thrift store or garage sale you better snag that puppy, but as they gain popularity it’s going to be difficult to find.

These 5.5 – 6″ tall ornaments are perfect little gifts.   These might be a little big heavy for your tree depending on the size of your tree.  If that’s the case, you can snip off the ornament hanger and use them in your decor elsewhere. We found the small green ceramic tree ornaments in a variety of colors at Target.

ceramic christmas trees

This mini version is extremely affordable and looks exactly like it’s older siblings. 🙂 7″ white ceramic trees,  and green ceramic trees.

We found some of the larger Mr. Christmas 15″ Ceramic trees available at Walmart in various colors.

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