Thanksgiving Rice Krispies Treat Turkeys

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How To Make Rice Krispies Treat Turkeys

Our Rice Krispies Treat turkeys are a quick and simple Thanksgiving dessert that is perfect for your upcoming school parties, bake sales and family gatherings .   I mean who would turn down an adorable turkey on a stick?  Let’s get started!

Ingredients and Supplies For Rice Krispies Treat Turkeys

Unwrap all of your little Rice Krispies treats … OR for those of you that made your own,  once the Rice Krispies have hardened, cut them into rectangles that are approximately 2″x3”.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Put each of your Rice Krispies on a lollipop stick and put them aside.

Cut some of the candy corn in half.  We used the bottom half with the yellow to create the turkeys’ beaks.  Place all of the cut halves that you’ll be using in a small bowl and discard the other halves.  Set them aside.

Coating The Rice Krispies Treats

Add your candy melts to a shallow microwave safe bowl and heat according to package directions.  Keep in mind that whey you dip the Rice Krispies Treat in the chocolate you need to be able to have room to move it around to each side with the stick attached.  You might even want to pour some of the melted chocolate onto a plate to more easily coat them.  You could also just dip the top of the Rice Krispies Treat if you’re low on chocolate or candy melts.

Work quickly dipping the Rice Krispies in chocolate then adding the candy corn for the tail, candy eyes and cut piece of candy corn for the beak.  Then move onto the next Rice Krispie.  If you can enlist a helper or two it goes a lot faster especially if there is one person dipping and smoothing out the chocolate and one doing all of the “dressing” HA that’s turkey humor.

If your dipping chocolate starts to harden, warm it up again in the microwave to make it smooth again.  We had to do this at least once. Your Thanksgiving Rice Krispies Treat Turkeys are almost done!

Adding The Last Details

Now it’s time to add the wattle or the snood or whatever it’s called – the little red thingamajigger  is the technical term i believe.

If you have the little red drizzle pack, heat it according to package directions and cut a small slit at the top of the bag.  If you have a larger bag of candy melts, heat up about a 1/4 cup according to package directions and pour them into an icing bag or a ziplock bag.  Cut off the tip of the corner of the bag.

Draw the little red thingamajigger next to his beak.  Go back with an extra lollipop stick or a butter knife to smooth it out or change the shape of the thingamajigger.

Thanksgiving kids dessert Rice Krispies treat turkeys
Put the tray in the fridge for about 10-15 mintues or until the chocolate has hardened.

Thanksgiving kids dessert

Packaging your Rice Krispies Treat Turkeys

If you are handing the Rice Krispies Treat turkeys out at a bake sale, or in the classroom you can also package the Rice Krispies Treat Turkeys up.  Once the chocolate has hardened, put each individual turkey pop in a treat bag and tie it shut with some ribbon.

March those puppies in to your next event like pinterest was created for you and you alone. 😉

Gobble, Gobble!!!!

Now that your fun dessert is done, make sure you have all of the decorations for the Thanksgiving kids table.  We have a few ideas that are just a click away and will keep all of the little ones at your Thanksgiving table happy.

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