R2D2 Classroom Valentine Mailbox Printable

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How To Make An R2D2 Valentine Mailbox In Ten Minutes

This super easy R2D2 Valentine’s Day Mailbox project is perfect for any Star Wars fans in your house.  With a few supplies and about 10 minutes you can create a super neat classroom Valentine mailbox that your kiddos are sure to love.

R2D2 Valentine's Day Classroom Mailbox

Supplies For Star Wars Valentine Mailbox

  • 5 sheets of white card stock or regular white printer paper (i wouldn’t recommend using something thicker than 65lb since it will make it difficult to fold neatly)
  • Clear Scotch Tape
  • Xacto knife or box cutter (will make cutting the opening for valentines easier but you could use scissors too)

Directions For Classroom Valentine Mailbox

Print off the 5 page R2D2 printable below on your home printer.  We printed it on 65lb card stock, but regular printer paper will work as well.

thumbnail of R2D2 Valentine Box Printable
R2D2 Valentine Mailbox Printable

R2D2 Valentine Mailbox

Stand the box up and place the head printout on top.  Try to center the picture on the top of the box.  Crease the edges around the side of the box and tape them down.

R2D2 Valentine Mailbox

We folded the edges like we were wrapping a gift box.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly lined up, the other sheets will cover the top’s “raw” edges.

Next we will tape on R2D2s legs to the sides of the box.  Center the image on the thin side of the box.  Make sure that you put them on right side up …. i’m not saying that i did this the first time …. but i did HA.  The circle part of the leg should be at the top where you just taped the head down.  Crease the edges and wrap the excess paper around the to front and back of the box and tape it down.  Repeat this step with the other leg on the other thin side of the box.

R2D2 Valentine mailbox

Flip the box over to the front of the box.  Center the front panel (the one with the heart) on the front of the box and crease the edges.  Fold the extra paper under the front sheet and tape down the front panel to the box.

Flip the box over and center the back panel on the box.  Crease the edges where there is any extra paper and fold the edges under.  Tape the back panel onto the box.

R2D2 Valentine mailbox

Cutting The Opening

Flip the box over and cut along the dotted line with your Xacto knife, box cutter or scissors to create an opening for the valentines.

Line the opening with tape to keep the printout from tearing.  Gently press the flap up into the mailbox to create an opening.

R2D2 valentine mailbox

Stand it up and do a little dance.  You just checked that off your list my dear AND it will guarantee some smiles from your  Star Wars fanatic kiddos as well.

If you’re looking for more Valentine mailbox inspiration, check out our Fortnite Llama Valentine Mailbox Tutorial.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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