Kitchen Christmas Decor

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Inexpensive Kitchen Christmas Decor Ideas

There are easy ways to add some Christmas cheer to every room in your home.  Use inexpensive cookie cutters as kitchen Christmas decor.  On a recent trip to Aldi I found these brass Christmas cookie cutters.  I wanted to add these to the kitchen in some way as a holiday decoration instead of actually baking with them haha.

We have a large window in front of our sink that seemed to be the perfect setting for the cookie cutters.

I cut sections of 3/8″ ribbon and looped the ribbon through a cookie cutter.  Secure the ends of ribbon to the wall or window molding. I taped mine with some clear tape.  Space the cookie cutters out along the opening.  Hang them at varying levels.  I started with the center piece and worked my way out on each side.

kitchen Christmas decor

Once you have your cookie cutters spaced out you can cover over the tape with some lightweight greenery or garland.

I used this garland from Michaels and added green pine orange and berry picks.

kitchen Christmas decor ideas

If you want a silver color you can use something like these metal cookie cutters from amazon.  Target has these Colorful Christmas cookie cutters available if you want to add a pop of color, but still want to use cookie cutters.

You could also use Christmas ornaments or snowflakes instead of cookie cutters.  Ohhh snowflakes, now i want to add snowflakes ya’ll! Check out more Christmas DIYs. Happy decorating!

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