Halloween Table Runner

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DIY Halloween Table Runner

How to make a glowing embers Halloween table runner.  Our take on the Halloween glowing embers cauldron DIY using foam insulation.  The end result looks like the remnants of a spooky fire with glowing embers, charred bones and ash.

Plan on doing this project at least a few days prior to your event.  You’ll want to give the spray paint enough time to cure and loose the strong smell before placing it near your food.

You’ll need something to use as the base for your table runner.  I used a cardboard box.  Trim it down to a few inches larger than you want your end result.

I found these battery powered red LED Halloween lights at Walmart. Honestly it looks super cool without the lights too so you could skip this step. It’s difficult to see the lights unless you’re in low light but it does at a cool effect.

Pop your batteries in the battery pack and spread your lights out along the cardboard.  We cut a hole in the cardboard and in one of the skulls so we could easily access the on/off switch and were able to change the batteries.

Adding Details

You’ll need a few cans of spray insulation.  I used 4 cans of insulation to make a runner the length of our dining room table.  How many cans really depends on how big you’re making this Halloween table runner.  I like to buy more than I think I’ll need then return the extra.  It’s not fun when you’re in the middle of the project then run out.

Make sure that you wear disposable gloves while working with this stuff and wear a smock or something you don’t care about getting something on.  I accidentally splattered it and that stuff does not come off easily.

halloween table runner

Spray the foam insulation over your lights.  Keep in mind that it expands.  I added a little too much and it kept the lights from shining through as much as they could have.

diy halloween table runner

I picked up different bones, skulls etc from the Dollar Store and Walmart. If you find full mini skeletons like this one from the dollar store, you can take them apart and use the sections.

halloween table runner

I used a few plastic cups to raise platters off the table.  If you had a fake arm/hand that would be able to hold a platter that would be cool too! If you don’t plan on having any serving dishes on the runner then don’t use the cups.

Let the foam insulation cure for a few hours until it is hard to the touch.

I used black and red spray paint to cover the area.  Spray red into a lot of the cracks and crevices then spray black on top.  You can go back with the red and hit a few spots again.

After the spray paint had fully dried I ripped off the extra cardboard around the runner.

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