Gingerbread House Ornaments

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Mini Wood Gingerbread House Ornaments

I’m trying to bring warm tones and wood accents onto the Christmas tree this year.  I saw these unfinished wood ornaments while at Michaels and I snagged them up quick.  These Make Market Wood House Tag Set come in a box of 24 for $3! They also have snowflake shapes, and other Christmas shapes to choose from.  I used them to create mini gingerbread house ornaments.

You can do all sorts of different things with these ya’ll! You could paint them in different colors to match your decor or you could stain them like I did.

I used some stain we had left over from a project.  You can get much smaller containers of this.  This is a semi transparent stain in golden oak.

wood gingerbread house ornament

Apply a light coat of stain with a foam brush, then wipe off excess with an old rag or paper towel. Let that side dry then repeat on the other side.

staining wood house ornaments

After they dried, I coated them with a thin layer of Modge Podge, applied with a foam brush, different foam brush than the one used for staining.  Once the Modge Podge was dry I added the snow accents.

gingerbread house ornaments diy

Armed with white acrylic paint and a paintbrush, add paint to the roof line of each of your buildings.

While the paint is still wet add white or clear glitter to the snow.   Shake off the excess from the house and set aside to dry.  Once the one side is dry repeat on the other side .

gingerbread house ornaments

You can use fine tip paint pens to add colorful details to your gingerbread houses or leave them more simple.  Up to you.

diy gingerbread house ornaments

Tie on a loop of thin ribbon, bakers twine or thin twine to hang your new ornaments from the tree.  You can also use these houses to make this DIY Christmas Village Wreath. 

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