Gingerbread Garland

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Anthropologie Inspired Gingerbread Garland

This gingerbread garland from Anthroplogie is adorable, but you can make a similar version at home and save some dough.  Anthropologie’s version is shown on the left of the photo below and our version is on the right. 

gingerbread garland

You’ll need these few supplies to make your own gingerbread garland.

  • Precut felt gingerbread men that I found at Michaels
  • Red and white yarn found at Michaels
  • White yarn for icing edges and smile
  • Needle with wide eye for the white yarn that will poke through felt. I used one I had at home, but it would have been easier if it was a little sharper.
  • Small White Pom Poms for the eyes and slightly larger ones for the buttons. Our Michaels was sold out so I snagged these at Hobby Lobby.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Scissors

Adding The Details

Working in sections, line along the edge of the felt gingerbread man with a line of hot glue. I started glueing just above the arm in the indentation. 

Work your way around the gingerbread man.  When you get back to where you started tuck the yarn toward the back, snip it and glue it down. 

Using a dab of hot glue on each, add two small white pom poms for eyes and three larger white pom poms for candy buttons. 

 gingerbread garland 

Thread your white yarn onto your needle.  I had to use a little hot glue and pinch the end to more easily thread the needle.  If you use glue to help thread the needle, cut that tip off before going through the felt.  It will slide through the felt easier this way.  

gingerbread garland

Poke a hole a little below the eye.  I would poke the hole from the front down so I could get the spacing correct.  Feed your needle from the back forward then poke down under the second eye from the front to the back. 

Leave a tiny bit of give in the yarn so you can make your meh face into a smile with a little hot glue.

Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom middle of the smile and gently pull the yarn down to create a smile. 

Snip off the excess yarn on the back of the gingerbread man and glue those ends down to the back. 

Look at all these adorable little guys!! 

gingerbread garland  

Attach The Gingerbread Men To Create Your Garland

Get your red and white Christmas yarn out and tie a loop at the end.  Start adding your gingerbread man on by glueing the yarn to the back of them up near their shoulders.  You don’t want to glue the yarn on too low or they will flip when you hang the garland. 

Figure out how far apart you want your gingerbread men and use something as a guide to keep the distance in between them consistent. I used a folded piece of paper. 

Once you have all of your gingerbread men on tie another loop at the end of the garland. 

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