Fun Additions To Your Ski Outfit

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Give your ski outfit an upgrade this winter. Last Christmas my sister and I stopped by a party shop trying to find a last minute Christmas gift and stumbled upon some holiday costumes.  The kids were ecstatic.  They insisted on meeting us in the parking lot of the ski resort to snag their new festive flair immediately.

We had a Santa costume (kids Santa costume), Frosty the snowman, Rudolph the reindeer and a few elves.  They skied around handing out mini candy canes to the lifties and people in line.

These comfy onesies (Santa onesieElf onesie and Snowman onesie) are perfect to throw over your ski gear.  Just remember to size up since you’ll want to wear them over your gear.

But you don’t have to only save the fun ski outfit accessories for the holidays, the frosty the snowman costume came out every weekend over the winter ya’ll.

For something more simple, there are so many different helmet covers available. My daughter has had her pink pigtail helmet cover for years now.  It makes it so easy to spot her and everyone smiles as she zooms down the mountain with the pink pigtails bouncing along.  I can’t currently find her helmet cover available online, but there are so many other fun options available.  Etsy is another great place to find options.

Here are some fun animal helmet covers we found; pig, rabbit, elk, penguin,  snow leopard, and zebra.

This faux beard doubles as a face warmer.  Our son asked for a Beardski ski mask for the longest time. They have all sorts of different ones available.

funny ski outfit beardski

Last winter we saw these two young men who were what I picture our two boys in a few years.  One was dressed as a pirate and the other was dressed as an 80’s rock star.  Their fun ski outfits seriously made my day and honestly inspired us to get the holiday costumes last year.

funny ski outfit

Get creative this winter ya’ll!

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