DIY Glowing Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

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Ten Minute DIY Glowing Trick-Or-Treat Bags

We found these adorable Halloween treat bags at the Dollar Tree the other day.  We are always looking for ways to illuminate their Halloween costumes to make them more visible while they’re trick-or-treating.  If your kiddos are still of the Halloween tote carrying age, these are a perfect way to help keep them safe Halloween night.  You only need a few supplies and about ten minutes to create these super easy DIY glowing trick-or-treat bags.

Supplies needed for Light Up Halloween Treat Bags

  • Dollar Tree Halloween Treat bag
  • LED finger lights – we found a package of 5 for under $2 at Walmart in the Halloween section.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Piece of paper and pen to trace
  • Piece of white felt – We also found this at Walmart, but you can find it at any craft store as well.

Take a piece of printer paper and place it on top of the place you would like to bag to glow.  We chose the two eyes on the ghost.  Trace the area you would like to illuminate and add a little extra to the top so the finger lights won’t pop out.

Cut out the pattern from the paper. Place the pattern on your white felt and cut out the shapes.  Make sure that the shapes you are cutting out are slightly larger than your finger lights.  We had to add a little extra room to the top of the eyes of the cat so the finger lights wouldn’t pop out.

Turn your bag inside out.

Glue the bottom and two sides of your felt piece and attach to the tote bag covering the part you would like to illuminate.  You’re creating little pockets for the finger lights.  Remember you’re glueing it to the inside of the bag.

Turn your bag right side out and add one LED finger light to each of your felt pockets inside of the bag.

Watch them glow!

Halloween Treat Bags

Trick-or-Treat my friends!

Light up Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

Halloween Treat Bags

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