DIY Easy Fortnite Llama Valentine Mailbox

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we are always on the lookout for fun and easy Valentine classroom mailbox ideas for the kids to take into school.  I was at our local Walmart yesterday and saw this  Llama Valentine Mailbox for around $3. I immediately thought .. oh my word that looks just like the coveted Fortnite Llama!!!

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With a few supplies and a little time, we transformed this little llama into a Valentine’s Day mailbox that any Fortnite obsessed kiddo would love.

DIY Fortnite Llama Valentine Classroom Mailbox

We chose a few colors of paint from the craft aisle at Walmart.  Each were less than a dollar. Choose a dark purple, light purple, dark blue and light turquoise color.

We also picked up a pack of small, thin foam brushes.

DIY Fortnite Llama Valentine's Day Mailbox

We flipped over the neck/head piece that was included in the kit and used the smooth back to paint.

Paint layers of the different colors to match the real deal.

Add some of the details with a sharpie or paint pens.  We found both at Walmart in the craft aisle.

We cut out off the tip his muzzle to make it more of a squared edge and cut a small wedge out of the front of his muzzle so his mouth would appear open.

We drew the arrow details on a small piece of card stock and attached it to the llama’s back.  You can use the back of some of the extra pieces of card stock from the kit.

DIY Fortnite Llama Valentine's Day Classroom Mailbox


If your local Walmart doesn’t have the kit in stock you could use a normal shoebox and cut out the head shape from card stock or poster board then paint the body on a shoe box. It’s pretty much just a rectangle with stripes 🙂

It’s so easy that the kids can make it themselves!  I call that a win-win.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



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