DIY Bob Ross Halloween Costume

How To Make A DIY Bob Ross Halloween Costume

We threw together this DIY Bob Ross Halloween costume at the very last minute and everyone got the biggest kick out of it. It was seriously the easiest costume we’ve thrown together.  Some of the supplies you might even already have on hand.

DIY Bob Ross Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need For DIY Bob Ross Halloween Costume

Bob Ross Wig You can’t have a Bob Ross costume without his signature brunette hair that defies gravity.  You can probably find a similar one at a Halloween shop or big box store.

Blue button down shirt  – We found this button down shirt at Walmart, but you might have one on hand.  One with a front pocket would be the best so you can store a couple paint brushes in the shirt pocket.

If it’s oversized just roll up the sleeves like we did. There are plenty of options online or you can always hit up a thrift store too. We get the best costume accessories from thrift stores.

Jeans – Bob Ross always wore his light blue shirt and a pair of jeans.  Any jeans will work.

Paint brushes  – We had some craft paint brushes on hand that we added to the front shirt pocket. You could always use a slightly larger paint brush and have it sticking bristles up from the jeans pocket too.  The dollar store also has a lot of paint brushes available if you don’t have one on hand.

Paint Palette – We cut out a paint palette from a piece of white foam core board.  You can find a sheet of foam core at the dollar store or any craft or big box store. You could also use a real paint palette like this one or this acrylic one.

Paint The Color Palette – Add color to your paint palette using paint pens or acrylic paint. We used paint pens that we had on hand to color on the foam core board to make it look like paint.

We love the POSCA paint pens  but there are a lot of other brands like these.  You could also use a thin layer of acrylic paint to add color to the palette.

Bob Ross Beard – We decided to go super simple and not even fool with the beard, but you could easily add a faux beard or draw one on with a brown eye pencil.

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