Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Sign

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DIY Valentine’s Day Sign Using Conversation Hearts

How to make a quick and affordable conversation heart sign for Valentine’s Day.  This project took less than an hour to make.  I chose a more minimalistic approach with the heart candies evenly spaced in a grid on the canvas. You could also use them to spell words like “love” or “xoxo” or glue them in a shape of heart.

For my sign, I used an 11 x 14 inch flat canvas. You can obviously do whatever size you would like. You’ll need a bag of classic conversation hearts. I noticed that they sell a larger version too that I was tempted to purchase, but I chose to stick with the little size everyone knows.

If you plan on attaching them to the canvas in a grid pattern, I suggest you measure out where you want the hearts placed and mark dots with a pencil. For my 11″ x 14″ Valentine’s Day Sign, I used 6 rows of 5 hearts across.  I started approximately 1.5″ in from each side.  The center of the hearts were about 2 inches from each other on each side.  The exact measurements will depend on your canvas size, frame size and which size of conversation hearts you choose.

Empty the bag of conversation hearts so you can pick out the best ones to use on your sign.   A lot of the hearts had words printed crooked or were illegible.

valentine's day sign

Make sure that you’ve left enough space on each side of the Valentine’s Day sign if you’re placing the canvas into a frame.

Lay out all of your hearts in your pattern next to your canvas. This way you can easily add them to your Valentine’s sign in the correct spots.

valentine's day sign

Adding The Candy Hearts To Your Valentine’s Day Sign

Add a tiny dot of hot glue to your first candy heart and place it on top of the pencil mark on he canvas.  Glue your conversation hearts one at a time until you finish the grid pattern or your design.

Pop out the glass from a 11″x14″ picture frame and place your canvas inside.  Add the back onto the frame and display your adorable new Valentine’s Day sign!

valentines day sign

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