Christmas Throw Pillow From A Kitchen Towel

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How To Make These Christmas Throw Pillows Using Kitchen Towels

I found these adorable kitchen towels at Walmart for $.96 each! You’ll just need one kitchen towel and a few other supplies to make each pillow.  I picked up all of the supplies at Walmart.

how to make a christmas pillow from a dish towel

Grab your favorite kitchen towel and iron out the fold lines. In order to make the pillow a little more opaque I lined it with one of these flour sack towels.

lining a pillow with flour sack towels

Place the flour sack towel over the kitchen towel and cut it to match.

Flip your kitchen towel so the wrong side is up.  If you’re adding a liner,  place it on top.  Fold the towel in half and line up all of the edges.

If you have a sewing machine, perfect! If you don’t, you can use hot glue to secure the edges.  I used my sewing machine to sew around the edges of the towel leaving an opening a couple inches wide.

Turn your towel right side out.

how to make a pillow from a dish towel

Add your Poly Fill to fill the pillow to your desired fluff level.

pillow from a dish towel

Fold in the opening and pinch closed.  Top stitch to close up the opening and continue around the entire pillow.

pillow using walmart dish towels

If you are glueing then, fold in the edges and glue the opening shut.  Your Christmas throw pillow for a little over a dollar is now complete!

pillow from walmart dish towel


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