Pinecone Flower Fall Wreath

How To Make A Pinecone Flower Wreath

We used our  DIY pinecone flowers to create this farmhouse style DIY pinecone flower fall wreath. Natural elements are trending in fall and winter home interior design.  All you need is a few supplies most of which you can probably find around your house.

Supplies For DIY Pinecone Flower Wreath

Pinecone Flowers
Pinecones – any size will work
Pruning shears
Tin snips or scissors

Wreath Supplies
Jute twine
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire wreath Form
Thick ribbon to hang wreath

diy pinecone flowers

Once you have a few pinecone flowers, you can get started on the wreath. Fire up your hot glue gun and cut a long piece of jute twine. Glue the end to the back of the wreath form. Start wrapping around the wreath form.

diy pinecone flower fall wreath

Continue cutting long pieces of the twine and adding them to the wreath form.

Keep on wrapping until the entire wreath form is covered.

diy pinecone flower fall wreath

We added a couple extra pieces on the joints of the wire form where the green wire was showing through.

Now add your pinecone flowers to the wreath with hot glue.

diy pinecone flower fall wreath

You might have to trim a little extra off the back of the pinecone flowers to have them sit flatter on the wreath.

Add as many or as few pinecone flowers as you want. We used four larger pinecone flowers and a smaller one on each end.

diy pinecone flower fall wreath

I love the asymmetrical look of the flowers to one side.

diy pinecone flower fall wreath

diy pinecone flower fall wreath

Use a thick ribbon to hang your wreath on your door, above your mantle or anywhere you’d like some beautiful natural fall decor.

diy pinecone flower fall wreath