DIY Vintage Suitcase Side Table

How To Make A Side Table From A Vintage Suitcase

We found a vintage suitcase a few weeks ago at a thrift store and it was the perfect size for a side table or nightstand.  We found some affordable metal hairpin table legs on Amazon and attached them to the suitcase to create a super easy side table or nightstand.

DIY Thrifted Side Table Supplies

– Vintage suitcase found at thrift store
Hairpin table legs we found some on Amazon
– Screws (our table legs came with screws but they were a little longer than the thickness of the suitcase and would have popped through to the inside of the suitcase.  so we found some slightly shorter ones to use)
– Screwdriver

Open up the suitcase and see if the screws that came with your table legs are longer than the width of your suitcase.  If the screws are longer than the width of the suitcase then the sharp ends of the screws will stick out into the inside of your suitcase table. 

If you don’t plan on opening the suitcase table or this doesn’t bother you then just use the screws that came with the table legs regardless of their size.

Flip it over so the bottom of the suitcase is facing you. This is where you will attach your hairpin legs.

Using your screwdriver twist the screws into the suitcase attaching the legs to the bottom.

Once all of the legs are attached, flip it over and marvel at your amazingness.

DIY vintage suitcase table


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