Stoney Clover Dupes

How To Make Your Own Stoney Clover Dupe Bag

Let me start by saying the Stoney Clover bags are adorable and great quality, but they are a bit on the pricey side.  If you’re on a budget and your daughter (or you) really love the look but not the price tag, I’ll show you how to get a similar look for a whole lot less.

Supplies You’ll Need To Create Your Own Stoney Clover Dupe

Nylon Bag (lots of options found below)
Embroidered Patches (options we found at end of post)
Iron/Parchment Paper OR E6000 craft glue (might be better for nylon materials)
Gold thread – Can be found at Walmart or any craft store
Sewing Needle

The Embroidered Varsity Patches

We found a bunch of different options on Amazon and you can find our links below.  Keep in mind that most packs come with only one letter each of the entire alphabet so if you’re trying to spell out a word you might want to design your bag accordingly.

stoney clover dupe

I also found these fun small patches that my daughter is obsessed with.  She added a few of these to her design too.

stoney clover dupe

Attaching The Patches To Your Stoney Clover Dupe

Decide whether you’re gluing or ironing on the patches to your bag.  Most of these patches are iron on, but we did find that some of them started to peel off immediately after ironing them on.  I’m assuming that it is because of the nylon material we were using.

Glueing the Patches

stoney clover dupe adding the patch

If you are gluing the patches on instead of ironing, add some E6000 permanent adhesive to the back of your patch.  Attach it to your bag and let it sit for 24 hours to allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Ironing On The Patches

Test the iron in an inconspicuous place to see how it does on your fabric before attaching the patches.

stoney clover dupe

If you’re ironing them onto other fabric like cotton, denim, etc they might adhere better.

To iron, place parchment paper underneath the fabric and a piece on top of your patch.

Reinforce The Patches By Sewing

After you’ve ironed or glued on your patches I would suggest hand sewing a simple running stitch around the patch to make sure it stays on there.

I used gold thread that you can find at Walmart or any craft store and an embroidery needle.

I found that with both the glueing and ironing methods you can still have the patches start to peel off a little.  Reinforcing them with a simple stitch around the edges helps to prevent this from happening.

Now your affordable Stoney Clover dupe is all done!

stoney clover dupe

Here are some of the products we found that might be helpful for this project!

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