DIY Summer Straw Clutch With Fringe

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How To Make A Summer Straw Clutch With Fringe

Summer is just around the corner!  We love all of the decked out straw bags floating around Instagram right now with pom-poms and fringe, but even though they are easy on the eyes, many of them are hard on the budget.  We spotted these straw clutches at Michaels and decided to jazz it up ourselves to create a DIY version of a similar bag that runs close to $100. With a few supplies and about 10 minutes, you can have a super adorable summer clutch for around $15.  What? Yes you can my friends 🙂

DIY Fringe Summer Straw Clutch

Supplies for DIY Summer Straw Clutch With Fringe

– Straw Clutch – We purchased ours from Michaels  ($9.99 they usually will have coupons available too that you can download from their website and use!)
– Fringe – We purchased ours from Michaels – It was available in the store in 8 different colors.  One roll of fringe is enough to do about 4 bags! ($4.99)
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun and Extra Glue Sticks
DIY Fringe Summer Straw Clutch

I’m not going to lie, we had a hard time choosing which color to choose and there is a high possibility that we will be returning to Michaels to purchase multiple colors to make other bags. 🙂

DIY Fringe Summer Straw Clutch

Unravel the fringe a little and measure how much you will need to line the edge of the front flap of the bag.  Give yourself about an inch extra to work with.

DIY Fringe Summer Straw Clutch

Cut off the end of the fringe to get a clean cut.  Open up the bag so you can see the inside of the top flap of the bag.  Working in very small sections, put a thin line of hot glue onto the straw edge of the top flap. Line up the braided edge of the fringe to the straw edge and place down gently on top of the line of glue.  Continue working around the top of the bag’s edge in small sections at a time until you have reached the other side.  Cut off any extra fringe.

DIY Fringe Summer Straw Clutch

Carefully remove any excess strings or beads of glue and you’re DONE! Seriously the most simple DIY project that we’ve tackled in a while.

DIY Fringe Summer Straw Clutch

Grab your adorable new bag and hit the town!

If you have it in the budget, my friends… the adorable Hat Attack version is available here.

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