Color Blocked Flower Pots

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How to Make Color Blocked Flower Pots

I found these super affordable flower pots at our local dollar store and a bunch of left over acrylic paint from our paint pouring so I decided to try out some color blocked flower pots.

Supplies For Color Blocked Flower Pots

Flower Pots – We found these at the Dollar Tree.  They were 2 for $1.  We’ve found them at craft and hardware stores as well.

Paint brushes – We had a few thicker flat craft paint brushes similar to these that worked well.

Paper plates, bowls or cups – somewhere to pour out some of the paint to use

Acrylic Paint – Pick a few different colors. I love the way the metallic colors turned out, but any colors will work.

Trash bag, drop cloth or something to protect your workspace

Pencil, tape and small bowl for making straight lines on curved flower pots.

How To Make A Straight Line On A Curved Surface

Find a small bowl, lid, or something that is the height of where you’d like your line to be.  We found this tiny bowl and taped a pencil to the top of it. Holding the bowl and pencil still, rotate the flower pot around so that you create an even line around the entire flower pot.  If the pencil lines are too dark they might show through lighter color paints.  You can erase the line a little to make it lighter.

How to create a straight line on a curved surface

Painting The Flower Pots

Paint the inside of your pot with one of your colors. I found it easiest to keep the brush pretty wet then guide the paint around the top edge.

I then chose a different color to paint a stripe around the base of the pot following the lines i had drawn earlier.

Let the pots dry completely. Then fill them with your favorite plants. We ordered these succulents from Amazon.  I was surprised how well they looked when they arrived.

Color Block Flower Pots

Then you can gift them or keep them for yourself.  These make great hostess gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, etc.

color blocked flower pots

If you’re looking for more of a marbled effect on the flower pots, check out our tutorial on how to do an acrylic paint pour.

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