Easy Balloon Garland

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How To Make A Simple Balloon Garland

There are a bunch of different ways you can put together a balloon garland.  I tried the balloon tape version and it was super easy! You use this plastic strip called balloon tape and surprisingly, it is not sticky at all.

Supplies For A Balloon Garland

  • Balloon Pump – this made filling up the balloons so super speedy. Some balloon pumps come with balloon and tape dots so check that out if you are also ordering a pump
  • Balloon Tape & Glue Dots
  • Balloons in varying sizes. You can find them at party stores, dollar store, Walmart, and online. You can also find different kits online with coordinating colors and different sizes.
  • removable mini hooks for hanging

easy balloon garland

Fill up your balloons and tie them off.  The plastic balloon tape has tiny holes for the knot of the balloon to slide through.  Leave a little bit of balloon tape on each end so you can hang it easily.  You can always go back and fill in with more balloons if you need to.

I didn’t use any particular pattern just alternated colors a bit and took a step back and looked.  Then added some more.

easy balloon garland balloon tape

You can use the sticky dots to add balloons in any bare spots.  I found that it’s easiest to roll the side of the balloon that you’re going to stick down on top of the roll of sticky dots to stick down 4 or 5 of them onto the balloon. There’s a better chance it will stay stuck if you’re using a bunch of them.

how to make balloon garland

Use the removable hooks to attach the balloon tape up.  Once it’s up rotate some of the balloons around to the front so it appears more full.  If you need to add any additional balloons, blow them up and attach with sticky dots.

Our balloons lasted a few days.  I wouldn’t store them outside for multiple days, but they should last inside for a couple days no problem.

balloon garland the easy


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