Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

DIY Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Take your Easter Egg hunt to the next level this Spring with a glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt. Fill plastic Easter eggs are filled with glow sticks and scatter them around your yard or a darkened room! Our kids loved finding them in the backyard, but when the rain rolled in they turned off the lights in the basement and moved the egg hunting inside.

Glow in the dark easter egg hunt

We found these fun supplies at our local Walmart store, but you can find similar supplies at craft stores, the dollar store, etc. We found these Easter Egg glow sticks at our local Walmart, but we also found kits of plastic eggs and mini egg sized glow sticks on Amazon too!  If you can’t find these, small glow bracelets would also work.

Our store also had these fun light up Egg Hunt signs, Easter themed head lamps, little flash lights and glowing buckets.

You can also fill them with treats, stickers, etc. if you are throwing a party or would like to use filled eggs.  Just make sure the glow stick and the treat can fit inside of the egg.

Open up all of your Easter Eggs and fill with one egg glow stick each.

Bend the mini glow sticks until the inside tube snaps and the stick begins to glow.  Shake it up and place it inside the plastic egg.  The glow sticks lasted at least a few hours. We did notice that they lost their glow if they were really cold.  I’m assuming you won’t be hiding Easter Eggs outside in freezing temperatures like we were BUT it does stay chilly around Easter up north so keep that in mind.  You might want to move your glow egg hunt indoors if you’re still wearing mittens to go outside 🙂

This was a fun new way to do an Easter Egg hunt for kids of all ages.  For other fun Easter ideas check out our DIY PEEPS Easter Centerpiece.