Simple Friendship Bracelets

Simple Friendship Bracelets

Remember those super cute knotted friendship bracelets from the good ol’ days where you tape the top knot to a notebook or the car window and spend a few hours painstakingly creating one bracelet?  Me too!  These aren’t those 😉 but I mean that in the best way possible.  These bracelets are simple to create, only take about 20 minutes to knot, look just as cute, and are fun to share with friends.  


-Bowl (as a guide while drawing the circle)

-Piece of cardboard (ours is the top flap to a diaper box)

-cross stitch thread

-pen, scissors and optional charms to tie onto the end

Trace a circle onto the cardboard and cut it out.  Careful not to get too close to any cute toesies.

Photo 1- use a straight edge to draw 4 lines across the diameter of the circle (as we demonstrated, they don’t have to be perfect, ha!)

Photo 2 & 3- on each line, cut about 1.5 inches in towards the center of the circle

Photo 4- use the scissors to carefully punch a hole through the center of the circle.  

Cut 7 pieces of string roughly the length of your arm.  Tie a knot on one end as demonstrated above and pull the knot through the hole.

-Take the 7 threads and pull one of each threads through 7 of the 8 slits.  

-Rotate the circle so the empty slit is on the bottom.

-Count up 3 strings to the left.  Pull the third string out of the slit and put it into the empty slit.  

-Rotate the circle counter clockwise so the new empty slit is on the bottom

-Count up 3 strings to the left and repeat the process.

-Here’s a short video demonstrating how simple the process actually is.

-Once the bracelet is long enough, remove each string from the slots and tie them all in a knot.  If you’d like to add additional bling slip a charm onto on string before tying the knot.

That’s it!  They are so quick and easy, I see these as class valentines in our future.  ❤️

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