March Madness Chocolate Covered Oreo Basketball Treats

March Madness Chocolate Covered Oreo Basketball Treats

Whether you are making a fun snack to enjoy while watching the games, or filled out the “treat” line on one of those infamous sign-up geniuses for your kiddos end of the season basketball party (speaking from experience here) these are quick, easy, and make a big impact.  Also, no baking, I count that as an instant win!  Ever since the love bugs Kelly made for valentines day, we’ve been anxious to figure out more chocolate covered goodness to create.

Start with:
1 Bag of Orange Wilton Candy Melts
1 Bag of Black Wilton Candy Melts
Small Ziplock Bag
1 Family Size Package of Your Favorite Oreos.
#2 Decorating Tip

Melt the orange chocolates according to the package directions.

Make sure all clumps are gone and it’s smooth when you stir the melted chocolate.

Grab your Oreo of choice.

Unlike the love bugs- the entire Oreo has to be covered this time.  I gently dropped the Oreo into the chocolate and then used a fork to push it down.

Swirl some chocolate around the edges then scoop the Oreo out.  It will look uneven on the surface which drove me crazy!  I tried smoothing or carefully scooping when all of a sudden the lightbulb went off, leading to the next step…

With the Oreo on the fork, tap the fork gently on the side of the bowl.  This allows the extra chocolate to run off and the surface to become smooth.  If there are air bubbles, you can use a toothpick to pop them then tap again.

Gently slide the Oreo onto a piece of parchment or wax paper.

Let them dry for at least 1 hour.

Melt the black chocolate wafers.  I recommend using only a small portion at a time because the chocolate starts to harden and will no longer come out of the small icing tip.

Use either a disposable decorating bag or if you don’t have one on hand (we didn’t 🙂 ) Cut the corner off of a ziplock bag.  Slide the icing tip into the bag then secure it in place with a piece of scotch tape.  The tape helps reinforce the bag so it doesn’t just pop and leak chocolate out.

Start the lines just past the edge of the Oreo.  These extra pieces will break off when they dry.  Start with two curved lines and a straight line going down the middle.  Finish with a curved line crossing over the three other lines.  Ours were meant for the kiddo’s team.  Feel free to use the printable below if you’d like to package them up as we did.  Either way, they are sure to be a slam dunk!  (it’s a basketball pun) ha!

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