DIY Chalk Paint

DIY Chalk Paint

This is a favorite at our house.  Chalk paint… the easy way.  We usually have a stash of chalk around the garage to use,  but if not we usually get a big assorted pack from somewhere like Michaels, Target or Walmart.

With the exception of the chalk, the rest of these things were picked up from the dollar store if we didn’t have them around the house.

  • Containers to put the different colors of chalk paint in – solo cups work well too
  • Plastic pitcher or large cup to add water to each of the colors
  • Gallon sized ziplock bags
  • Paint brushes – we also use old paint brushes from past home projects
  • Rubber mallets to smash the chalk

Have the kids sort the colors of chalk into different gallon sized ziplock bags and seal them up.

Try to have at least 4-5 pieces of chalk in each bag.  You can add similar shades if you’re running low on certain colors or want to get creative with the shades.

Lay out one of the sealed ziplock bags and use the rubber mallet to start smashing up the pieces of chalk inside.

Keep smashing until the chalk is broken up into a powder.

Open up the ziplock bags and start pouring the powder into your different cups or containers.

Slowly add a little bit of water to each of the containers and stir.  If you add too much water the colors won’t be as vibrant.

Hand out the paint brushes and start painting! As the chalk paint dries the colors become even more vibrant!

Grab a cup of joe and watch the little ones create their summertime masterpiece.

Happy summer!!!

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