Fall Portraits: 5 Tips For The Perfect Portrait Wardrobe

Fall is the perfect season for family portraits.  The scenery is stunning AND holiday cards are right around the corner.  As a family portrait photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to see all kinds of families assemble for their photos and each ones asks the same thing…what do we wear?  Have no fear, follow the 5 tips below and your crew will be picture perfect in time to seize the beautiful fall season.

1. Don’t Match – I know it’s tempting to purchase those matching Christmas sweaters, but fight the urge!  Instead, pick 2-3 main colors to coordinate among everyone in your portrait.  Try to keep the majority of the colors neutral (denim, blues, khaki, black, even gray is a great neutral) then, add the pop of color.  Limit the Patterns to 1 or 2 people in the group.

All items above available for purchase at Gap.com (photos curtesy of Gap.com) 

2.  Accessorize – Throw on some headbands, necklaces, fun shoes, socks, tights, a hat, etc. and you can easily add that small pop of color you were looking for without everyone wearing the same exact shirt.

3.  Layers – At least in our area, “Fall” weather ranges anywhere between 75 degrees to 35 degrees during early morning sessions.  Layers can help you prepare for the different temperatures, and it adds beautiful depth and dimension to your portraits.  Items such as a lightweight sweater over a collared shirt, puffer or maybe even fur vest, cardigan, a beautiful blanket wrap, or jacket are all great layering items.

All items above available for purchase at Old Navy (photos curtesy of Old Navy) 

4.  Don’t Forget the Shoes – I’m guilty of this one, spending weeks finding the perfect combo of outfits for the whole family and the day of portraits when it’s time to walk outside realizing my youngest has bright pink Abby Cadabby shoes, my son has fire engine red shoes, and my oldest wants to wear sparkle flip flops.  The majority of photos DO include your feet so take a moment to make sure they coordinate with your overall vision as well.

5.  Comfort is Key – THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL, make sure everyone is comfortable.  Grab a neutral jacket or sweater to put on over that short sleeved dress if it will be 30 degrees.  If you are stomping around in fields, wear a flat boot instead of high heels.  Kiddos will be more comfortable in a soft shirt rather then an itchy sweater.  When everyone is comfortable, the smiles come naturally.

All items above available for purchase at Nordstrom (photos curtesy of Nordstrom) 

Like the looks above?  Here are the links to where you can purchase them! Click, click, click and your wardrobe is done.  Say cheese 🙂

The Gap Look:

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Woman’s crew merino pullover – $49.95

Boys colorblock puffer vest – $58.00

Girls twill plaid long sleeve shirt dress – $39.95

Girls plaid bell-sleeve dress – $39.95 

Cozy star scarf – $39.95

The Old Navy Look:

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Oxblood belt – $14.99

Mens shawl-collar sweater – $49.99

Boys classic plaid shirt – $17.00

Twist front sweater beanie – $12.00

Girls printed star leggings – $9.00

Denim girls shirt dress – $24.99

The Nordstrom Look:

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Tucker + Tate girls sweater sparkle dress – $35.00

Ugg pom bootie – $119.00

Free People kolby stripe scarf – $48.00

Calfskin leather moto jacket – $375.00

Mens solid wool scarf – $49.50

CozyChic lite circle cardigan – $116.00

Frye mark slip on shoe – $52.00

Canvas beaded necklace – $34.00

Burberry wool toggle coat – $525.00

Felicia knee high boot – $179.90